Lactation Clinic Pricing

Free or Paid?

Breastfeeding consultations for Ontario residents with OHIP coverage are free of charge, which also involves a live assessment by qualified Pediatrician. Prenatal consultations or any after hours emergency video call is a paid service. In such cases no Pediatrician will be involved.

Preparation for Remote Breastfeeding Consultation:

  1. Smartphone or Tablet (Laptop or Desktop computer is not recommended)
  2. Installed WhatsApp / Zoom Apps
  3. Headphones
  4. Good internet connection
  5. Sufficient lighting
  6. Assisting person (partner or another family member)

Please be ready to receive a video call on scheduled time as it's also being coordinated with a remote Pediatrician.

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Please reach out for a private remote consultation or ask a question below. You can also reach us using LIVE CHAT function.

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