Breastfeeding Consultation Appointment Booking

Remote Breastfeeding Consultation

Consultation duration is approximately ~1 hour long. Lactation consultant is Oksana Laurinaviciene, IBCLC (female). Remote video assessment is by Dr. Asim Salim (male) from Brantford Pediatrics. Please make sure to fill out Patient Intake Forms following the initial appointment booking bellow.


Preparation for Remote Breastfeeding Consultation:

  1. Smartphone or Tablet (Laptop or Desktop computer is not recommended)
  2. Installed WhatsApp / Zoom Apps
  3. Headphones
  4. Good internet connection
  5. Sufficient lighting
  6. Assisting person (partner or another family member)

Please be ready to receive a video call on scheduled time as it’s also being coordinated with a remote Pediatrician.