Virtual OHIP Consult Appointment Booking with LC Oksana

Free with a Referral from Doctor, Midwife or Nurse Practitioner

Booking Steps

  1. Ask your healthcare provider (Doctor, Midwife or Nurse Practitioner) to send us the Referral.
  2. Select the appointment date and time and fill out your Patient Intake questionnaire details;
  3. On the day of the consult, you will receive a link to connect.

Important: before booking as a new patient, make sure you have a Referral!

*Booking link will open in a new tab.

*Get a Referral

A referral is required for your initial OHIP covered appointment booking.

Please get a referral from your Family Doctor, Pediatrician, Nurse Practitioner, or Midwife. Referral must be issued to your baby's name and to be addressed to LatchedOn Paediatrics. In case of multiples, each baby must have their own referral or all babies' info must be on the same referral.


Patient: Baby's First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, OHIP number
Referred to: LatchedOn Paediatrics
Referring Practitioner's OHIP billing Number: XXXXXX

*We reserve the right to refuse services because of an incorrectly issued referral.

Bellow is a short referral form to be submitted by a Doctor, Midwife, or Nurse Practitioner. Please share it with your healthcare provider. If you have your referral already, please email it to us at

Fax number: (905) 390-3646


For your convenience, you can also obtain a free doctor's referral by visiting following virtual clinic:

About Virtual Consultation

Initial video breastfeeding consultation duration is ~30-45 minutes, follow-up consultations are ~15-30 minutes. Both consultation types are covered by OHIP and are free of charge to the residents of Ontario. Your lactation consultant will be Oksana Laurinaviciene, IBCLC (female). A  stand-by Pediatrician from Latched On Paediatric & Breastfeeding Services (male or female) will join the video call at the end of each consult.

 Virtual Consult Preparation Steps:

  1. For best results use Smartphone or Tablet device
  2. Install Zoom communications software
  3. Use Headphones
  4. Ensure a good Internet connection
  5. Ensure sufficient lighting
  6. Mother/Lactating Parent and a baby must both be present
  7. Have an assisting person nearby, especially in non-latching, or painfully latching baby cases.

On the day of the consult, you will receive a link to connect. Please be available to receive a video call on time. Your scheduled booking is also being coordinated with a stand-by Pediatrician. If you are late more than 15 minutes we reserve the right to cancel your appointment and/or apply a no-show fee.


Once the appointment has been booked and confirmed you can reschedule or cancel it on your own using the link provided with your booking confirmation email not later than 24-hours before your appointment time without any penalty. If the rescheduling/cancellation has to be made less than 24-hours before your appointment time, the cancellation link will not work and you will need our assistance to cancel/reschedule your appointment. No shows and late cancellations will result in a $50 cancellation fee. A new appointment time will be confirmed only after the cancellation fee for the previous no-show/late cancellation is paid.