Virtual Appointment Booking

with OHIP coverage

Registration steps

  1. Provide a referral from your baby’s doctor/midwife/nurse practitioner. Also you can get it from MD Connected virtual clinic;
  2. Choose service type (Initial OHIP Consult or Follow-up OHIP Consult);
  3. Select appointment date and time;
  4. Provide your contact details as well as baby’s health provider’s contact details for referral purposes;
  5. Look for a confirmation email with details to fill out Patient Intake Forms (please also check your Spam folder);
  6. On the day of the consult you will receive a Video eVisit invitation email to connect to OTN eVisit videoconference.

Get a Referral

A referral is required for your initial appointment booking. Please get a referral from your Family Doctor, Pediatrician or Midwife. Referral must be issued to your baby's name and addressed to our co-operating clinic Quick Care Pediatrics. Bellow is our short referral form, please share it with your healthcare provider.

Our referral fax is: (519) 512-0051.

You can also get a free online referral by visiting a virtual Walk-In Clinic here: MD Connected.

Preparing for Remote Breastfeeding Consultation

Visit for step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, and frequently asked questions to help prepare you for your appointment. If this is your first eVisit appointment, this step is crucial for a successful experience.

Lactation Clinic does not provide technical support. We reserve the right to decline services if your connection is not working properly.



  1. Use Smartphone or Tablet device (Laptop/Desktop computer is not recommended)
  2. Install Pexip Infinity Connect (required app for OHIP covered consultations)
  3. Have a working email on your device (to receive Pexip OTN eVisit connection link email)
  4. Install WhatsApp (as a backup communication app)
  5. Use Headphones
  6. Ensure a good Internet connection
  7. Have sufficient lighting
  8. Mother and a baby must both be present
  9. Have an assisting person nearby, especially in non-latching or painfully latching baby case.


On the day of the consult you will receive Pexip OTN eVisit link by email. Please be available to receive a video call on time. Your scheduled booking is also being coordinated with a stand-by Pediatrician. If you are late more than 15 minutes we have a right to cancel your appointment.

About Virtual Consultation

Initial video breastfeeding consultation duration is ~60 minutes, follow-up consultations are ~35-45 minutes. Both consultation types are covered by OHIP and are free of charge to the residents of Ontario. Your lactation consultant will be Oksana Laurinaviciene, IBCLC (female). A  stand-by Pediatrician from Quick Care Pediatrics (male or female) will join the video call at the end of the each consult.

Please make sure to fill out Patient Intake Forms EACH TIME following your appointment booking.