Simple ways to provide a referral


*Get a Referral

A referral is required for your initial OHIP covered appointment booking.

Please get a referral from your Family Doctor, Pediatrician or Midwife. Referral must be issued to your baby's name and is to be addressed to our co-operating pediatrics clinic Quick Care Pediatrics. In case of multiples, each baby must have their own referral.


Patient: Baby's First Name, Last Name
Referred to: Quick Care Pediatrics
Referring Practitioner's OHIP billing Number: XXXXXX

*We reserve the right to refuse services because of an incorrectly issued referral.



Bellow is our short referral form (online or PDF versions), please share it with your healthcare provider:

For your convenience, you can also get a free doctor's referral by visiting MD Connected virtual clinic. Just fill out their Online Intake Form and select "Lactation Referral" from their Service drop-down menu.