Sometimes you find yourself in a situation when you feel your milk supply has significantly dropped and you need to boost it as much and as soon as possible. The easiest option would be just to breastfeed your baby more often day and night, have some more sleep and better intake of fluids and food. Or you can just use your hands and hand express your breastmilk. However, if you need another option, you should think about so called power pumping.

Power pumping is a way to copy cluster feeding using a breast pump. Since the breast produces milk following demand-supply rule, it’s a strategy you can use to increase your milk supply when you are mostly breastfeeding or exclusively pumping. The idea is to remove the milk from the breast through rapid on-off pumping and making your body thinking it needs to produce more milk.

Do one session a day:

  1. Pump 20 minutes (or until the milk stops flowing)
  2. Rest 10 minutes
  3. Pump 10 minutes
  4. Rest 10 minutes
  5. Pump 10 minutes

If you need even bigger effect – do all above mentioned steps 3 times a day for 3 days in a row for a super supply boost.

If nothing helps, consider contacting a skilled lactation consultant with all your breastfeeding problems. We are really happy to help you!

If you require urgent help with breastfeeding:

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