Almost everyone is willing to have some breastmilk stash in the freezer while breastfeeding a baby for many possible cases, so here are the main guidelines for human breastmilk storage. As you see, you don’t need dump your breastmilk if you pumped it or hand expressed it at night and left on the countertop or next to the bed and your partner finds it in the morning and wants to dump it. Extra tip: you can put all washable pump parts in the clean ziploc right after the pumping session and store it in the fridge till the next pumping session while washing those parts only once a day. It’ll save you more night and day hours of your precious sleep!


  Countertop or table Fridge Freezer with separate door
Storage temperatures 19-250 C or cooler 40 C -180 C or cooler
Freshly pumped/expressed breastmilk Up to 4 hours Up to 4 days

Within 6 months is best,

up to 12 months is acceptable

Thawed breastmilk 1-2 hours

Up to 1 day

(24 hours)

Never refreeze breastmilk after it has been thawed

Please note that these guidelines are for healthy full-term babies and differ from premature or sick babies.

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Video credit: Maya Bolman, IBCLC