In our everyday work, our clients ask us what do we think about pacifiers almost every single time we visit a new baby. As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) I can only give all possible information to the parents and then they get to decide. An informed choice is very important in our professional field! So here are our thoughts on pacifiers.

Pacifier can he pinched very easily, so the baby learns how to bite on the nipple. And when pinched, it can bounce as it’s empty inside. Altogether it’s called acquired bad oral habits. Want to soothe a baby with something else without getting that new trouble? Offer your clean pinky short cut nail down!

Nature is smart, that’s why it gave to babies a natural self-fixing tool – sucking. As sucking involves lots of muscles & structures (up to the shoulders!), babies with some restrictions in their little bodies do tend to suck almost non-stop thus fixing themselves to some extent. So if you think your baby’s intake is awesome, but still lots of sucking – it’s a good idea to see pediatric osteopath or chiropractor just to check if something needs to be fixed or released. However, if you’re not sure if your baby gets enough of your breast milk, feel free to reach out and we’ll do our best to help you in your breastfeeding struggles.

Pacifier can trick you in terms of how actually hungry your little one is, and, as a consequence, interfere with your supply. The most sensitive time is first 8-12 weeks when your supply is in a very active calibrating to your baby’s need phase. So if you decide to use it, make sure your baby is not hungry.

Pacifier is just a cheap piece of silicone and/or plastic, while you’re a Mom! The best Mom ever for your precious child! So never ever call yourself a pacifier!

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