Sometimes the only thing preventing you from successful and painless breastfeeding of your baby is their oral ties or so called tethered oral tissues. We all have those frenulums in our mouths, but sometimes they are too short, or too tight, or anything else thus restricting normal oral functions and causing a bunch of problems. Following are the main symptoms for diagnosing if the baby may be having a tongue-tie and/or lip-tie and would require special treatment.

Mama’s Symptoms

  • Cracked, blistered, bleeding or just sore nipples
  • Plugged ducts
  • Discomfort while nursing
  • Long, frequent feeds & sleep deprivation, because baby is not able to nurse efficiently
  • Thrush / mastitis
  • Compromised milk supply (immediately or after few months) and the need to pump/express the breastmilk

Baby’s Symptoms

  • Reflux or colic
  • Difficulty latching or not latching at all
  • Gumming or chewing nipples
  • Gassy
  • Poor weight gain
  • Clicking noise while nursing
  • Excessive drooling
  • Choking on milk

Please be aware that lactation consultant does not diagnose neither performs releases of the oral ties. However, we can help you to improve the latch significantly, to find the best working position, to refer to trusted providers and to ensure a follow-up care which is very important in such case. Since oral ties are usually just a top of the iceberg, your baby should see a trusted provider for proper yet gentle bodywork.

Here is an interesting read for you – a study regarding tongue and lip ties. More information on this topic along with detailed instructions on the aftercare of the oral ties treatment wounds can be found at Dr. Ghaheri blog.

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