Congratulations on your baby! We wish you lots of wonderful moments and as smooth journey into this new parenthood as possible. Here is some check list of questions you can answer and get an idea, are you doing just like you are supposed to (and your family and friends told you so!) or are you need of professional help.

Part 1: it would better be “YES” rather than “NO”:

  • Did everything go according to your birth plan or expectations?
  • Have you had an emergency C-section or any unplanned instrumental birth assistance?
  • Did you get lots of IV fluids during and immediately after your delivery?
  • Was your baby separated from you for more than a few hours?
  • Did your baby have a chance of interrupted few hours long unique journey to your breast on your belly and chest (so called breast crawl)?
  • Was your baby able to latch completely independently and have a few successful sucks?
  • Did you get a competent, understandable and timely help from skilled health care professional with any issues you might have with your breastfeeding?
  • Are you satisfied with availability and quality of breastfeeding help you are getting?

Part 2: it would better be “NO” rather than “YES”:

  • Are your breasts and/or nipples sore?
  • Are your breasts severely engorged?
  • Are your nipples are damaged, cracked, blistered, crusted or wounded?
  • Do you feel any pain or discomfort while breastfeeding?
  • Is your baby latching? Does it happen with any difficulties almost every time?
  • Do you have any baby’s weight gaining concerns?
  • Is your baby fussy at the breast?
  • Do you have long, almost endless or cluster feedings?
  • Do you suffer from oversupply?
  • Do you have current or recent plugged duct, bleb, blister, milk stasis, mastitis or abscess?
  • Do you wish your baby would be sleeping longer and have some activity time?
  • Do you wish your baby would not be so sleepy at the breast?

If you answer is “No” to at least few of the questions from the Part 1 and “Yes” to at least few questions from the Part 2 – consider contacting us for an appointment of in-home visit of the lactation consultant in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area.

We’re not magicians (it would be great though!), but we do understand your struggle, we feel your pain and frustration and we can offer you all our best knowledge and skills – to improve the whole situation and to help you to achieve your personal breastfeeding goals, at your pace of learning and at the comfort of your home or while you are still at the hospital.

If you require urgent help with breastfeeding:

Call or text @ 416-804-9300