In our breastfeeding support work we strongly believe in holistic approach and teamwork. Your baby spends whole nine months in your womb, then goes through delivery and gets in your arms. At the same time you undergo a long journey of transformation both mentally and physically. All of this affect both of you and set some “pre-existing conditions” (like torticollis, also known as wry neck) of the fresh new start for your new baby and different you. It’s a big advantage if you have help, nurture and care from the first minutes of your postpartum life, so you can have some rest and start your recovery. Sometimes you’re not so lucky and then you get that huge load of everything on your shoulder to deal with, because raw life happens.

That’s why we’re so glad we, as lactation consultants in Toronto, can give you a helping hand with in-home breastfeeding consultation and make your life a bit easier. The other great helping hand is bodywork. We refer almost every mom and her baby to see osteopath so they could be relieved from very painful latch (and we could improve things a lot, but not till the end), or big fussiness, or weak suction, or that feeling as you were ran over by the truck after your labor, or even huge swelling in all your body. And every time such mom gives us a truly great feedback: “Osteopath saved my back, I feel much better, my baby feels much better and our breastfeeding is perfect now!”. Osteopaths do very gentle manipulations with the whole baby’s body and they are so gentle and so invisible, that you think they’re simply holding a baby in their hands and just talking to them in a funny voice! And the whole process lasts for 10-15 min max, as babies have small amount of patience. Yet the work is in progress and you’ll see the difference!

Very often we see that baby has tethered oral tissues and we refer them to the doctors to diagnose that and fix that, and in such case proper bodywork is very effective as baby gets rid of muscle memory faster, their mouth structures start to function better and the whole recovery is much faster and easier. So parents get a complex care and being referred to trusted providers in Toronto makes their parenthood journey easier and much more enjoyable. Of course, you’ll ask who are our trusted providers..? The best complex care is provided by magic hands of the team at Feeling Well Place (Richmond Hill, ON), however, if you live in the East End of Toronto, then East End Family Wellness is your go to, and West End has its Holistic Medical Clinic.

We are moms, we’ve been through lots of things which are happening to you now and we know how to help you, what referral you need and how much complex care and true teamwork can make life easier.

Breast gymnastics

Video credit: Maya Bolman, IBCLC